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Your Body Language Tells A Lot About You | Dr Sahir Shaikh

LinkedIn Post Update By: Dr Sahir Shaikh MD MBA

I used to be a cynic when I first started working as a medical expert!

People claiming to have pain all over the body after a minor car accident 😀


✅ But the more I know the more I learn

Car accidents are just a tip of the iceberg of some of the problems they are facing

Sometimes they just need to talk to someone

Increasing cost of living also means some times they see claim as source of additional money

I get it

And that’s why it’s interesting to observe them covertly when they walk in the examaintion room.

Body language tells you a lot

Look at the person as a whole

Show empathy

But also stick to the facts and report the facts.

You may well have lots of non specific symptoms but

not everything can be due to a simple shunt to your car 🚗

My opinion is based upon a range of opinions and patients body demeanour tells me quite a bit

than what they are actually telling me 😀

After 25 years of this work I surely can see the telltale signs of exaggeration in few cases.

✅ And that’s what I mean when I talk about a robust medical expert

That’s also why I enjoy my work

Happy Friday

What’s it you enjoy about your work ?

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