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VR MedicalSIM

VR MedicalSIM is a leader in Virtual Medical Simulation Education and Training

About us:

The medical world is on the eve of a technological revolution with the arrival and combination of Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and other innovative techniques

This makes it possible to develop lifelike experiences, in which all senses are activated.

The best possible care

By exploiting the benefits of this for us as a person, our profession and your organization, we want to contribute to the best possible care and patient safety.

Our goal:

The aim of VR MedicalSIM is to better prepare healthcare professionals for working within medical (basic and acute) care and assistance, so that they can enter practice in a targeted manner and with confidence.

Why Choose Us:

We offer a total solution for virtual medical simulation education, by offering existing applications, but also the possibility to create fully customized applications according to your wishes.

Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality (VR) is a digitally created environment in which students are completely immersed.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digitally created addition to reality, in which the students are still in reality.

Mixed Reality:

Mixed reality (MR) is the technique that blurs the line between the physical and the virtual world.​

Our CPR Intro Video: This is a Minimal Viable Product of CPR Education in Virtual Reality

Our Courses:


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