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UCL Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Health

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The UCL DBA Health is a professional doctorate degree designed for leaders in health-related fields who want to apply research skills to tackle health sector challenges. Studying flexibly over 5 years, you'll develop research skills for evaluating, assessing, and overseeing health projects and research, enabling you to apply strategic decision making and spearhead future healthcare management interventions.

Who it's for:

  • Health executives and leaders addressing healthcare management and health systems challenges

  • Senior staff wanting to improve their leadership and change management skills flexibly without taking a career break

  • Individuals who have either completed a Master’s degree or MBA

  • Can be early in your career and work in the health sector

Key information:

  • Start date: September 2023

  • Duration: 5 years

  • Location: London

  • Apply: Applications are open until 31 March 2023

  • Cost: UK Full time - N/A Part time - £12,100 Overseas Full time - N/A Part time - £12,100

The UCL DBA Health

The UCL DBA Health provides a professional doctorate degree for individuals in health-related fields who want applied research skills to address health sector challenges. This DBA Health is particularly needed, now more than ever before, as the health sector is undergoing radical change to meet the demand for healthcare services. The programme has been designed to produce practitioners and innovators who can address these health sector challenges by developing their specific applied research skills for evaluating, assessing and overseeing appropriate projects for taking forward healthcare management interventions as well as disseminating their findings for informing the practice and application of healthcare.

Over the course of 5 years, this professional doctorate will provide you with a rigorous programme of advanced study and research. The taught modules which consist of the first two years of the programme provide opportunities to develop students’ skills and knowledge in key areas of business and health research methods to facilitate career development. The research component allows for development of skills in critical appraisal as well as the ability to develop the rationale, methodology and methods for research. The modules also allow development of other transferable skills.

The DBA in Health utilises the expertise of the academic team across the whole of the Global Business School for Health as well as experts from the Faculty of Population Health Science to support the student’s development, research, and scholarship. The programme design is intended to provide flexibility for professionals who are studying whilst working full-time as senior health leaders and managers.

UCL DBA Health highlights

  • Designed to provide flexibility for professionals who are studying whilst working full-time as senior health leaders and managers.

  • Conducted in three parts - a taught element in years 1,2, a professional practice portfolio in year 3 and research phase in years 4,5

  • Module Teaching is primarily in the form of online synchronised and asynchronized learning material and interaction

  • Face-to-Face attended sessions will be delivered each term as one-week blocks to enhance peer learning, engagement and networking opportunities

  • Module consolidation seminars involving problem or case-based presentations relating to module content during the in-person block allow for knowledge and understanding to be tested, and for formative feedback to be given in advance of summative assessments.

  • Access to the academic expertise and interdisciplinarity from across the whole of the GBSH as well as experts from the Faculty of Population Health Science to support your development and research

  • Located on UCL's state-of-the-art facilities in the UCL East campus

  • UCL is second in the UK for research power and is ranked first in the UK for research power specifically in the disciplines of medicine, health and life sciences (REF 2021)

  • Attending a world top 10 university ranked 5th in the world for global health (Shanghai Rankings)

  • The inimitable experience of London – a global city that is a leader in health and business

UCL DBA Health Graduate takeaways

On completion of this programme you will have:

  • an enhanced understanding of the intersection between health and business

  • substantial research and analytical skills and methodologies to use when designing a research project and applying research in healthcare management settings

  • ability to conceptualize, design and implement projects for the generation and dissemination of research insights

  • ability to use an evidence based approach to make informed decisions on complex issues

  • skills to critically evaluate advanced academic work

  • self-discipline for self-directed learning and reflective practice for life-long learning

  • effective written and verbal communication skills, which support information and data management

  • knowledge of the ethical, legal and regulatory issues associated with healthcare research

UCL Research Scholarships

UCL’s Research Scholarship schemes are now closed for 2022/23 entry. Available scholarships include:

Scholarships will reopen next academic year.

Please see below for further details

Information on our scholarship schemes

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