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The Possibilities Of Using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and or Mixed Reality by VR MedicalSIM.

Latest Updates on Healthcare (VR) Virtual Reality, (AR) Augmented Reality and or Mixed Reality News Updates by HNC Healthcare News Channel.

LinkedIn Post Update by: VR MedicalSIM - The platform for virtual simulation education in healthcare.

Do you want to be informed about the unique fantastic possibilities of using #virtualreality, #augmentedreality and or #mixedreality in the healthcare sector and medical simulation training and education?

Then this Masterclass might be just what you need

The Masterclass can be attended online, in a Virtual environment (with a laptop/pc) or your (chosen) location.

Masterclass virtual medical simulation education

I don't want to call myself an Expert, but I dare to say that I have built up an expertise within the field of Reality based medical simulation education:

Scenario Based Learning (SBL)

One of the most effective ways of education and training in healthcare is simulation education

Reality Based Training:

A form of simulation education where stress-inducing elements are introduced, to make the training as realistic as possible

(X)Reality based medical simulation education

Virtual medical simulation education, integrating Xtended Reality for a deeper layer of reality

Extended Realiry (XR) technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) are becoming an essential method to support the delivery of healthcare training, enabling accessibility to diverse environments and replicability of scenarios.

Where mistakes made in the virtual world have no consequences for reality

Access to XR applications is becoming more affordable, generating great interest in its wider application in education as it can be delivered remotely, at scale and with less risk.

Cost-effective solutions

Education and training also place a significant financial burden on the healthcare system, leading to a continuous search for more cost-effective solutions. It is for all these reasons that interest in XR technologies has grown exponentially and continues to grow

master class

During this Masterclass various topics will be discussed:

- The basics of Extended Reality

- What is Extended Reality, what are the possibilities and pitfalls, what are the pros and cons

- What applications are there in the field of medical simulation education

- What recent and upcoming developments are there

- The possibility to experience various applications yourself

- The possibilities for development of XR applications

More information, please contact:

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