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The Occupational Health Academy delivers medical education to the new Occupational Health Clinician.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

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LinkedIn Post Update by: The Occupational Health Academy

***NEW COLLABORATION AND DATES FOR NOV 2022 EXAMS*** It is our utmost pleasure to announce that The Occupational Health Academy and Society of Occupational Medicine are now collaborating to bring you education for the new occupational health clinician. We are now providing that support for DipOHPrac and DOccMed/MFOM Part 1 exams! Check out the new dates of the November 2022 cohort of courses for the DipOHPrac exams for nurses and DOccMed exams for doctors to supplement and consolidate your learning for more exam specific knowledge, and to maximise your chances to pass the exams. You can book through The Occupational Health Academy website at

or through the events page on the SOM website at

We look forward to meeting you all and checking your understanding, consolidating and updating your knowledge to pass the exams and get into the world of occupational health!

Please see our FB page The Occupational Health Academy

or our new website for more details.

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