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Event Details:

Date and Time: 17 May, 2023 - 08:00am

Location: 11 Portland St, Manchester M1 3HU, UK

The NHS Radiology Conference North 2023

The NHS Radiology Conference series provides a safe and secure platform for NHS imaging professionals to meet with peers, share insights and listen to live guest presentations delivered by sector-leading speakers and innovators. Delegates can expect to benefit from live keynote presentations from UK policymakers, meet-the-supplier sessions, live Q&A time and much more.

As the NHS continues to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape, it is important for managers and leaders to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and best practices in radiology. This conference brings together leading experts in the field to discuss key trends and innovations that are shaping the future of NHS radiology.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the use of AI and machine learning in radiology, the adoption of digital technologies, the expansion of telemedicine, and the increased focus on patient experience. Through interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, attendees will be able to exchange ideas and insights with their peers and explore practical ways to implement these innovations in their own organizations.

There have been several recent developments in ultrasound technology that are enabling more accurate and detailed imaging, such as 3D and 4D ultrasound. There are also new portable and handheld ultrasound devices that are making it easier for clinicians to perform examinations at the bedside or in other clinical settings.

At this conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in ultrasound technology and how they are being used to improve patient care in the NHS. Through case studies and hands-on demonstrations, attendees will be able to see the capabilities of these technologies first hand and explore ways to incorporate them into their own practice.

Convenzis events are highly regarded for their ability to drive strategic level change and transformation within the healthcare industry. Our events bring together senior healthcare leaders and decision-makers from across the NHS and wider healthcare sector, with the aim of identifying and implementing innovative approaches to address the most pressing challenges facing the industry today.


Key themes and learning points:

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning: AI and machine learning are being used to assist radiologists in tasks such as image interpretation and analysis, which can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

  • Greater adoption of digital technologies: There is a trend towards the use of digital technologies such as electronic medical records and PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) in NHS radiology departments, which can help to streamline workflows and improve the accuracy and timeliness of diagnoses.

  • Use of advanced imaging techniques: There has been an increase in the use of advanced imaging techniques such as PET-CT (positron emission tomography-computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) in the NHS, which can provide more detailed and accurate images of the body's internal structures.

  • Expansion of telemedicine: The use of telemedicine, or the delivery of healthcare services remotely using telecommunications technology, is increasing in the NHS. This can help to improve access to radiology services for patients in remote or underserved areas.

  • Increased focus on patient experience: There is a growing emphasis on improving the patient experience in NHS radiology, including the use of patient-friendly equipment and techniques, and the provision of clear and accurate information about the examination process and results.

  • Key advancements in ultrasound.


  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Consultant Radiographers

  • Consultant/Senior Surgeons

  • Clinical Directors/Heads/Managers/Leads

  • Commissioning Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Consultant Radiologists

  • Directors/Heads of Radiology

  • Engagement Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Governance Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Heads/Directors of Pathology

  • Heads/Senior Radiographers

  • Informatics Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Information Management Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Innovation Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Medical Imaging Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Radiology Services Manager

  • Procurement Directors/Heads/Managers

  • Service Directors/Heads/Managers


We have an invite only option for NHS senior managers for our conference, to see if you qualify for a complimentary place please click the button below.

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Organiser: Convenzis Group Ltd

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