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The NHS Innovation Conference 2023

The NHS Secondary Innovation Conference Series provides NHS Secondary care managers and leaders with a secure platform to meet with peers, exchange insights, and engage with key guest speakers from across the UK and further afield. Delegates can expect to benefit from live guest presentations, interactive question and answer sessions, meet-the-provider opportunities, and much more.

“I really enjoyed the conference, and the speakers were excellent. Thank you also for providing a seamless, quality online conference experience as well. University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Covid-19 has provided a springboard for innovation delivery across the NHS, we have seen unprecedented scale-up of services such as remote consulting, interoperability, the use of data, and of course the use of artificial intelligence.

However, this period of rapid scale-up posed its own challenges for patients and staff across the country. While technologies were rolled out with impressive speed, some aspects of implementation, such as evaluation, co-design, and customisation will necessarily have been a shortcut, and will need revisiting after the emergency phase of the pandemic is over. Following several surveys conducted by the Health Foundation, it was found that NHS staff surveyed highlighted the issues of ensuring adequate IT and equipment and sufficient staffing as among the top challenges for benefiting fully from recent technological progress. Age is sometimes cited as a factor affecting attitudes to technology and this was apparent in public surveys conducted with a larger proportion of younger people reporting positive experiences than the population as a whole, and a slightly larger proportion of those age 55 and older reporting negative experiences.


Our upcoming conference will open the debate on the key challenges and trends affecting the secondary care sector, key learning points will include:

  • Coordination and interoperability

  • Staffing and tech equality

  • Innovation and intelligent automation

  • Clinical tools showcase

  • Tech leadership and development

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