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Telehealth is the use of technology like computers and phones for anything health-related.

Latest International Healthcare Technology News Update by HNC Healthcare News Channel.

LinkedIn Post Update by: Ahmad Ahsan Ansari - Head Of Communications at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

#Telehealth is the use of #technology like computers and phones for anything health-related. #Telehealth covers a variety of technologies, from health blogs to smartphone apps used to track #health.

People who live in remote or rural areas and find it difficult to travel large distances for consultations should have easier access to information thanks to #telehealth. For those who suffer from infectious infections and chronic illnesses, this is very practical.

The #Telehealth sector has developed into one that generates in $3.2 billion annually. Today, it is used for a wide range of purposes aside from telemedicine, including:

• Apps for managing personal health: There are countless apps online that let you keep track of vital information about your own health. These apps allow you to track a variety of things, such as your menstrual cycle and your daily caloric consumption.

• You can utilise internet pharmacies to order any necessary medications or supplies. Online delivery is incredibly practical, especially for life-threatening situations.

• Mass education and information: Telehealth has been crucial in warning the public about virus hotspots and changes in SOPs, which is especially pertinent during the COVID'19 era.

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