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Streamlining Integration Pathways for NHS Organisations to Recruit & Onboard Clinicians From Abroad.

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LinkedIn Post Update by: Youssef Aboufandi - Founder @ MedGrate | NHS Clinical Entrepreneur | MedTech & Innovation | Final Year M.D. | Ex-IQVIA | Community builder

A few months back, I started embarking on a journey to build a platform which will alleviate the healthcare staffing crisis in the NHS.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to MedGrate, born with a mission to solve the main pain points in international healthcare recruitment by streamlining the integration pathways.

A mixture of Technology + best practices from EU Healthcare systems + Inspiration from NHS long term goals (i.e NHS People Plan)= MedGrate

Happy to have a chat if you’d like to learn more about MedGrate or to explore how we can help your Trust achieve your goals!

A special thanks to Constantin Jabarin Mat Westergreen-Thorne Tony Young Polly Sullivan

#startup #medtech #healthcarerecruitment #solvingproblems

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