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OSLR - Great doctors teach

The best doctors incorporate teaching into their practice.

Oslr makes it easy.

Oslr for Doctors · Students · Institutions


We know the best doctors incorporate teaching and continuous improvement into their practice, but you're busy and don't always have time to plan lessons, find appropriate patients, resources or students and chase them for feedback. Built by doctors, Oslr simplifies workplace teaching and learning. With just a few clicks you can connect with peers, share resources, post teaching sessions to meet student needs and automatically log training with feedback for CPD.


To become a great doctor you need workplace training to interface with doctors, real patients and all health care professionals, but they are busy. Developed with medical students, Oslr enables you to request teaching across specialities, access peer recommended resources, join live teaching sessions to learn how to engage, pick-up signs, make diagnosis and provide feedback in confidence, whilst all your learning is automatically captured to help you graduate with flying colours.


You know workplace training has never been more essential to deliver the best care, but how do you ensure the training, often informal and undocumented, is optimal at busy institutions? Developed with hospitals and medical schools, Oslr not only increases the amount of training delivered, it precisely captures what is being taught, where, who's attending and feedback. Enabling promotion of best practice, identification of training gaps, resource optimisation and a comprehensive record of workplace medical training.

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How Oslr works:

1. Connect

Match sessions to students' learning needs

2. Teach

Find convenient times that work for everyone

3. Learn

Add and share peer recommend resources

4. Improve

Record teaching and feedback for CPD

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