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OPEN MIC: NEXT IN HEALTH SERIES – Healthcare meets the Metaverse (EN)

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Healthcare meets the Metaverse!

Are we prepared for the patient journey in the Metaverse?

As the Metaverse is still being defined, it seems increasingly clear that real-life benefits are already emerging for early adopting users and companies, and that technological innovations are shaping the healthcare experiences of the future

Yet, looking beyond the buzz-word, can this new ‘Internet of Place and Ownership’ branch out new channels for delivering care and have the potential to enable greater access, lower costs and improve patient outcomes?

Get ready for our third event of the Open Mic Next in Health Series: Healthcare meets the Metaverse

The series invites leaders from vastly different backgrounds to take the mic and share their view on the trends, which will influence the transformations in healthcare.

On stage:

* Shalini Trefzer, Data and AI Specialist, Microsoft

* Nicoletta Iacobacci, PhD, Professor at Webster University Geneva and Jinan University Guangzhou

* Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, Co-Founder, Chief Data Officer and Director, dHealth - Blockchain for Healthcare Foundation

* Denise Silber, Co-Founder of, Founder of Basil Strategies

This hybrid session takes place on-site at the Novartis Pavillon and online

Sign up now to book your seat:

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This event, concocted by my colleagues Anca del Rio, MSPH, Rahel Schneider and Lucas Scherdel, is a co-production by DayOne - Healthcare Innovationand Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

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