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On our latest episode 97 of Meet Menaca talk show update by Smile Leadership Acadamy

LinkedIn Article by SMILE Leadership Academy

On our latest episode 97 of Meet Menaca talk show Kumar Kunasingam used a phrase that totally resonated with me.

You are self-selected: You are putting in the effort by just being there.

We see successful people in healthcare & other sectors and wonder what is their secret code. It is the determination, diligence and dedication that gets them to their dream destination.

Today books, courses and mentors are more available than ever. The question ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ Are you Self-Selected?

What is that you are doing today to be Self-selected?

As a healthcare professional we are often told to develop ourselves. But are we doing it the right way

How to thrive as a healthcare professional

1. Analyse and Identify your learning need objectively. A coach or mentor will show you the blind spots.

2. Know what learning style, environment and duration suits you best. There is no modality that fits all.

4. Continuous learning - there is no alternative to crafting your skillset.

5. Expand your toolkit - master you communication, leadership and resilience.

6. Feedback- learning and application are much more effective when combined with constructive feedback received at the right time.

7. Embrace failures as learning opportunities.

8. Say YES to exploring new ideas, experiences and innovative ways of doing things.

9. Know that learning cannot be automated. It needs to be fit for purpose. Review your development plan regularly.

10. Surround yourself with positive people who strive for growth.

11. Support your team. Celebrate othersโ€™ growth and make a positive contribution.

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