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MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management

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MSc Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management

Embrace one of the fastest paced sectors in health through this cutting edge Master’s programme that focuses on the business and management of biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures.

Applications for 2023 entry have opened!

Applications for 2023 entry have opened. Begin your application journey today.

A bold purpose

We believe biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures can have a transformative effect on healthcare. Success in this field relies on an advanced understanding of the forces that drive the interactions between science and business. Looking at this sector from a business development and management perspective, our Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc equips you with the skills you need to thrive in this area. A multidisciplinary perspective is fundamental to this field, so our Master’s degree combines the expertise of the UCL Global Business School for Health (UCL GBSH) with UCL’s other cross disciplinary faculties. Anchored by the pharmacoeconomics discipline, you will learn about the balance of regulations and market access with business development opportunities. With enormous takeaway value in a fast paced and leading edge sector, graduates of this Master’s programme are ideally positioned to initiate a start-up company or to join existing biotechnology or pharmaceutical businesses.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc highlights

Delivered by UCL GBSH – the world’s first business school dedicated to health – our Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc programme is an opportunity to become adept at the business side of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Just some of the highlights of the degree include an enhanced induction programme enabling you to focus on your career aspirations while forming lifelong bonds with your peers, hands-on projects to analyse and map a drug or biotech product from the trials stage to market, and an energising action learning environment, where blended content delivery will develop your skills and transform your future career. You’ll also benefit from the prestige of attending a world top 10 university with globally renowned health credentials, while making the most of our elite custom built facilities at UCL East, where UCL’s heritage, disruptive spirit and ambitions for public good converge. Anchored by the inimitable experience of London – a global city that is a leader in health and business – our Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc programme provides an opportunity to innovate and develop skills that meet the current needs in healthcare.

Your future career

Your career is central to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc experience at UCL GBSH. You’ll discuss it with programme leaders and industry experts in the immersive induction, and revisit it during workshops and specialist sessions throughout the degree. As you gain exceptional exposure to experts throughout the programme, while building rapport with your peers through projects and teamwork, you’ll graduate with a strong network of experts that span business and science in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sphere.

The Programme


Make a difference

The world of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is more globally relevant than ever before. The ability to navigate the complex business side of bringing biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovations to market is becoming increasingly important. Graduates of this programme will be equally adept at running a successful biotechnology or pharmaceutical start-up, or bringing crucial expertise to existing companies in the field.

Who it’s for:

Our Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc programme is ideal for individuals who envisage a career that spans across biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, business and entrepreneurship. You may be a new or recent graduate in a health or science field – or have a PhD or lab experience – wanting to gain skills in the business side of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. You may already work in biotechnology or pharmaceuticals, but wish to cross over into management. Or you may work in a consultancy capacity with the biotechnology or pharmaceutical sector, with ambitions to bring specialist knowledge to your clients. This versatile degree is ideal for a range of individuals who want to work with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical world, from start-ups right through to established corporations.

What’s involved

  • The week-long induction prior to the commencement of the Master’s degree is both a team building opportunity and a time to reflect on personal and professional goals, helping all students to get the most out of their degree programme.

  • The initial topics you’ll cover provide a firm grounding in clinical trials and statistics, together with the extensive regulatory frameworks that the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors operate within.

  • Your learning will continue with understanding key business issues and opportunities including commercialisation, supply chain and drug management.

  • A group business project brings together the various strands of learning and involves analysis and stakeholder mapping of a drug or biotech product from the trials stage to market. Supported by industry mentors, this offers a valuable inside look at the reality of working in this sector. The project comes to a close with a business plan and presentation.

  • Your base for this Master’s degree is at our custom built facility at UCL East, which offers a unique learning environment bringing together the best of UCL’s progressive history, positive impact and disruptive spirit.

As a graduate of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Management MSc, you will take away:

  • Written and verbal communication skills appropriate for working in fast paced and innovative environments.

  • Practical knowledge of different measurements for pharmaceutical and biotech costs and outcomes.

  • An in depth understanding of how pharmacoeconomic techniques such as Cost-Benefit Analysis, Cost-Effective Analysis, Cost-Utility Analysis, Cost-Minimisation Analysis, and Cost-Consequence Analysis drive decision making on the effectiveness of medical technologies.

  • Substantial research and analytical skills, with a good knowledge of specific methodologies, which support an understanding of clinical trials.

  • Crucial knowledge of the ethical, legal and regulatory issues associated with biotech and pharma business development.

  • The ability to identify key stakeholders and differences in health systems that impact biotech and pharma businesses.

  • The proficiency to capitalise on entrepreneurial opportunities, either independently or within organisations.

  • Experience in teamwork and collaboration to help with problem solving and making teams effective at delivering equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • A mindset embracing innovation, nurtured by the experiential learning and real world examples used in teaching at UCL GBSH.

  • Resilience and know-how to protect self-management, work-life balance and mental health, supported by continuous professional development throughout the programme.

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