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Support at work, in the palm of your hand

We are a team of chartered psychologists who have worked to support the mental health and wellbeing of health and social care workers.

Our combined skills, knowledge and experience of over 30 years has enabled us to create a platform which prevents the progression of mental health conditions in health and social care workers.

An anonymised, preventative app

We are the first anonymised app for health and social care workers, providing personalised solutions to prevent their mental health deteriorating while at work and beyond.

A whole person, whole system approach

Alongside our MindYourself app we offer additional support to address factors impacting on staff mental health on an individual, team and organisation level.

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Changing the Culture in Health and Social Care

From the moment of our birth, throughout our life and until our death, health and social care workers are by our side. Many have taken this for granted and we are saying- enough.

Over the past 10 years, conditions like burnout, stress, anxiety, depression and trauma have been rising. Then COVID19 happened and again these workers gave everything to bring us through it. Some paid the ultimate price with their life and others now suffer with conditions like burnout, trauma and moral injury. This is a silent pandemic.

We are on a mission to change the culture of health and social care- to one where all workers are valued and are provided with the resources they need to protect their mental health.

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