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King's College Hospital London, Jeddah at BMC Batterjee Medical College’s Annual Career Fair 2023.

We enjoyed being part of BMC Annual Career Fair 2023 Batterjee Medical College engaging with many skilled fresh graduates & experienced talents


King’s College Hospital Jeddah will be a unique and unparalleled extension of UK based King’s College Hospital London’s model of care, specifically designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements unique to the residents and communities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King’s College Hospital Jeddah will have four Centres of Excellence in the following Institutes: Women’s Health, Metabolic Diseases & Bariatric Surgery, Orthopaedics and Heart & Vascular. Other Clinical Services include Surgical Subspecialties, Medical Subspecialties, Rehabilitation Centre, Emergency Medicine, Men’s Health, Critical Care, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Stem Cell Centre, Medical Oncology, Neurological Sciences, Respiratory, Dialysis and a Spa & Wellness Centre. In all, more than 40 medical and surgical specialties will be represented at King’s College Hospital Jeddah. We are very excited to be able to build on the success of our existing healthcare network, which has been strongly positioned throughout Dubai since 2017.

The facilities at King’s College Hospital Jeddah will combine state-of-the-art amenities alongside world-class service standards. The hospital will be a 150 (expandable to 250) bed facility, comprising of six specialized clinical floors. King’s College Hospital Jeddah will ensure patients in the region have direct access to the world’s best healthcare providers along with King’s College Hospital London’s unique model of care, reducing their need to travel abroad for treatment.

Our parent institution in London is a 950 bedded tertiary hospital holding a 178-year legacy, and boasts advanced capabilities including several clinical Centres of Excellence which are among the best in the world.

Direct Website Link:

Location: Headquarters

Jeddah, Jeddah 19958, SA

Batterjee Medical College

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