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It's no surprise Mental Health has been one of the biggest topics since/during the pandemic.

LinkedIn Post Update by: Aditi U Joshi MD, MSc, FACEP

Aditi U Joshi MD, MSc,

Digital Health Strategy, Telehealth expert, Consultant, Speaker, Product and Quality, Clinical Associate Professor Emergency Medicine

It's no surprise #mentalhealth has been one of the biggest topics since/during the pandemic. Some of the solutions given here make sense such as:

1) Training more psychiatrists - doable but takes time and relies on new physicians wanting to go into psychiatry

2) Using #telehealth in areas with fewer mental health specialists - one of the most common use cases of telehealth and improves access. It would also really help to get rid of the state licensure barriers...

3) Training and support for primary care physicians who want to provide this care. This makes most sense. Truth is, most patients might see their PCP before going anywhere else and worth engaging in leveraging the doctors we do have to their abilities. I realize PCPs have many commitments, however, I often see physicians on message boards and social media groups asking how to do more telehealth, create a hybrid practice model for themselves. Potentially getting the training and adding mental health services seems like it would aid on both fronts.

The model in the article here on Collaborative Care should be the model we aspire toward. It's team based, allows for all clinicians to work within their expertise and works toward a specific goal.

LinkedIn Article Link:

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