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India’s Manipal Hospitals partners with Isansys to launch Remote Patient Monitoring Technology.

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Isansys Lifecare has partnered with Manipal Hospitals in India where its ground-breaking remote patient monitoring system will be used to continuously monitor high risk and vulnerable patients.

Video: The Isansys Patient Status Engine - Every patient connected and safe

The Patient Status Engine is a unique and powerful real-time physiological data capture and analysis platform.

An all-wireless and an end-to-end fully-regulated medical device, the Patient Status Engine, also known as the PSE, frees patients and care teams from the tyranny of cables and wires.

The PSE is a new kind of medical device – a digital platform which is future-proofed and continually upgradable. The PSE is the only system that meets healthcare providers needs for universal patient data capture and analysis infrastructure today - and into the future.

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