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Imagine if a cancer patient didn’t have to have chemotherapy.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

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LinkedIn Post by: Life Science Intelligence

“Imagine if a cancer patient didn’t have to have chemotherapy.” - Mina Fahim, CEO & President, MediView XR, Inc.

Mina Fahim sat down with Benjamin Glenn for a Studio Interview at #LSIUSA22 to discuss all things MediView.

MediView is innovating healthcare delivery with a digital surgery solution that harnesses augmented reality (AR) to unlock new insights during ultrasound-based procedures, as well as during procedures in the operating room. The company's solutions enable providers to colloborate, navigate, and enhance visual capabilities.

Mina Fahim will be Presenting MediView at #LSIEurope22.

Join us at LSI Europe ‘22: Find Out More

Date: September 21-24, 2022

Location: The Grove | Hertfordshire, UK

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