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Ideal Practice Launch - Telehealth Masterclass By Bionabu

In this 2 hour masterclass, Dr Sabine Fonderson shares her CEO-level strategies for doctors or physician assistants in all types of medical specialism to innovate and implement telehealth as a new or add-on service to their practice.

Who is Dr Sabine Fonderson?

After years working in clinical medicine, Dr Sabine Fonderson has gained experience in emergency care, pediatrics, disability assessment, and general practice. She founded a telehealth platform in the Netherlands which caters to a European market.

How can she help you?

In this masterclass, you will learn the power of innovation to assist clients and patients, gain insights on the starting blocks and motivation to have a telehealth platform and realise how you can stand out as a healthcare provider to meet a demand that is gaining wide popularity.

Agenda of the masterclass

1) Ideal Practice Key concepts

2) Role of Covid-19 pandemic

3) Build your telehealth brand

4) Ideal client / Target Markets

5) Telehealth landscape

Why start a Telehealth practice?


1) Help

- patients, clients,

- yourself by gaining expertise

2) Improve

- waiting times

- working hours

- patient/client satisfaction

3) Build

- new treatment pathways

- better relationships with patients/clients

4) Change

- how to provide care

- how patients/clients view digital health

5) Sustain

- clinical knowledge

- industry standards

- developments in innovation

Date and Time Published: 1 February 2023

Location Remote

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