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How to turn your hobby into a business - Diane Hill

The Sales Acceleration Formula


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Turning your hobby into a business. If you ever thought it was impossible to live your dream, our guest today will show you that it's not. To get started in moving your hobby to a business or if you want to understand the importance of social media, mailing lists, and automation on that journey listen to Diane’s engaging and interesting story about her road to entrepreneurship.

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🎥 Welcome to the official YouTube channel of The Sales Acceleration Formula 🎥

My name is Hakeem Adebiyi, and I am the founder of Sales Acceleration Formula.

🎯 I created The Sales Acceleration Formula software to help companies and provide them and their sales team who struggle to follow a systematic process.

The Sales Acceleration Formula has three key elements, and they are:

☑️ Target the right accounts based on potential and probability

☑️ Understand the decisions you are trying to influence

☑️ Build clear plans, actions, and deliverables around those decisions.

This channel is focused on sales and marketing. Everything you need to know about it as well as The Sales Acceleration Formula software. I will have guests that will appear on the channel to discuss different topics in those fields.

➡️ What you will see on this channel:

✔️ The key steps to building a million-pound business

✔️ Be consistent if you want to succeed

✔️ Organising Your Sales Process Sales Accelerator Overview

✔️ Double Digit Growth in a Healthcare Company in One Year

✔️ And more

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