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How to protect your proprietary content from becoming public knowledge without your permission

Bionabu Academy

One-to-one Expert-led Masterclasses

The propriety content that you have created, whether it a written, printed, or digital format, is valuable. This masterclass will show you how to protect it in ways that it will remain yours for life.


This course is designed to help educators and entrepreneurs to navigate the Intellectual Property options to protect your propriety content.

The Bionabu Academy will help you not only share and promote your knowledge in the safest way, and additionally make sure that this valuable knowledge protected for life.


Our program includes live one-on-one sessions for each person enrolled. Each session is about an hour long and takes place via Zoom with Bionabu Academy Mentor, carefully selected to deliver this course.

Participants can enroll and begin anytime: there is no specific start date as it is customised for the learner via the one-on-one live Zoom sessions with your Mentor, tailored to your schedule. If you pay today, you will begin immediately.


The goal of the session is to help each participant to:

  1. Discover what Intellectual Property (IP) is, and why it’s essential.

  2. How to protect your proprietary content.

  3. How peer-review process works and how you benefit from it.

Your benefits:

  • Hands-on industry expertise

  • Tailored to your needs in collaboration with your Mentor

  • Access to the wider Bionabu network for further support and guidance

About the Lecturer: Laurence Freeman

Laurence has worked in the UK, USA, and Canada over a 30+ year period, specifically working in the healthcare and technology industries with a specific focus on Intellectual Property Commercialization and Management. Since 2022, Laurence is also an Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the CU Denver Business School, Colorado, USA.

Date and Time Published: 11 August 2022 Launch: 1 January 2023

Location Remote

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