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Helping Hand for Product Launches

Generate buzz and excitement to generate leads by getting your product in front of a target audience.

Helping Hand $85 (6 Months Subscription)

With our help, you can start building relationships with potential customers

Best for: Product Launches

Exclusive for projects started on Bionabu


What is included?
  • Listing your project on the Nest

  • Your events will be listed on the Bionabu calendar

  • Promote your product through one LinkedIn post per month

  • One event per month hosting at our Metaverse venue

  • One mention per month in our newsletter to our 3000+ subscribers and members, including audience matching

  • Your product and introduction will be shouted out at the Bionabu networking event

  • Product Launch checklists and relevant resources

Date and Time Published: 23 January 2023

Location Remote

Bionabu HelpDesk Get in touch

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