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Healthcare & Medical Simulations in the Metaverse by VICTORYXR

Training with patients, machines, and real-life situations through the VictoryXR Health Science Ecosystem
Tag Along On A Tour of the VictoryXR Academy Healthcare and Health Science Environments

Seeing is believing! Catch a peek at the tour we gave of our brand new Healthcare Environments, and perpare yourself to be amazed by our emergency room, ambulance, and interactive options.

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Interactive Environments

Simulate real-world experiences using lifelike avatars from the comfort of your own home. Interactive environments including the cadaver lab for skeletal assembly, organ analysis, and skeletal muscular activity offer the opportunity to experience real life healthcare procedures with low consequences for failure. There’s plenty of room for 10 or more students to gather around while learning!

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Latest Healthcare XR and Metaverse News Updates by HNC Healthcare News Channel.

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