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Healthcare Event: Bionabu Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit

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Linked Post Update by: Dr. Joel Brown MD FRSA

Dear friends, colleagues and connections,

‼️I am a panelist at this upcoming BIONABU Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit on 22 October 2022‼️

I'm coming to London 🇬🇧

As the Chief Clinical Officer of Bionabu, it has been my role to expose clinicians to alternative strategies to use their clinical and non-clinical skills and knowledge to chart a fulfilling, diverse and autonomous career. At this summit it's my mission to empower clinicians to be all of who they can be beyond the professional limits we have been conditioned into.

Like I said in a recent post, you need to see your time, energy and passions as investment capital that you choose to invest wisely to forge a personalised career.

This Summit brings together experts from a spectrum of industries including Founders, Legal, Clinical, Marketing and Business Development and so much more.

I'll be leading one of the sessions where I deconstruct strategies to develop a portfolio career as a [MODERN] clinician.

⚠️Because I want you all to benefit from this incredible training, I want to make an offer to a limited number of you.⚠️

If you live in the UK and are able to travel to London on the 22nd of October for this special educational and networking event, I want you to share this post to your LinkedIn profile and tag myself and five of your colleagues in that post or as a comment below this one.

Once you have done that, I will share the private link that you can receive a complimentary day pass to receive this premium education at no cost. That's incredible value I'm only offering to you because I believe you are worth it.

The complimentary ticket is a limited time offer and once it expires it will no longer be available.

Don't hesitate, share and tag your colleagues today!👍

See more information here:

Event Link:

Video Link:

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