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Generating ideas – and refinement towards a promising project

Digital Products in Life Sciences - Beginner Level

Generating ideas – and refinement towards a promising project

90 minutes - one session with your expert in designing digital solutions


This master class focuses on design thinking strategies to identify a problem in the Life Sciences that can be solved with a digital solution. As a next step, we show you how to refine this idea to an extent that you have a solid starting point for the actual project.

Target audience

Start- and scale-up leads, entrepreneurs, healthcare and pharma executives, data scientists, investors, and all other stakeholders who are interested in a general review of concepts for driving digital solutions in healthcare. Programming knowledge is not required.

Your benefits

You will learn about the following topics from experts with hands-on experience in the design of digital solutions:

■ What drivers lead to a need in the Life Sciences

■ How you can understand this need from the user’s perspective

■ How to plan a digital strategy leveraging data and technology

■ What you must consider when turning the idea to a marketable solution

■ How you can use prototyping strategies to refine and communicate your idea

About the lecturers

Martin engaged in several projects in finance, linked to big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and then moved to the field of pharma and healthcare to transfer and apply this knowledge. Here, he focuses on AI and Data governance, IT architecture, and process design, e.g., for the clinical evaluation of medical products. He also leads an international working group on setting industry standards for application of AI in the pharmaceutical industry.

Elias started his career as a model developer working on health economics models in multiple therapeutic areas such as diabetes and infectious diseases. Since then, he has evaluated digital health therapeutic and technical projects concerned with developing ML/analytics/software as a service platforms in the healthcare space. Currently, at d-fine as a Consultant, he applies his technical expertise to projects involving modeling and software development and is active within the pharmaceutical/healthcare community. Elias obtained an MSc in complex systems modeling at King's College London.

Date and Time Published: 21 November 2022

Location Remote

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