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Doctors facing burnout 🔥🔥🔥

Dr Sahir Shaikh🇬🇧

Medico-Legal Expert | Business Strategy Consultant I Healthcare Innovation |

I was there few years back and I decided to take action.

I was enjoying my work in the NHS as an Orthopaedic surgeon. But increasing number of targets and waiting lists keep taking their toll on me.

I then decided to explore career options.

Leaving medicine all together did not appeal to me as I had spent over 15 years learning the art of the medicine - quite a long journey !

Some side- hussel could be an option I thought.

That’s when I started working as a medicolegal expert alongside my NHS job.

Fast forward few years, I decided to take a plunge and set up myself as an independent medicolegal expert.

Of course, it was challenging and being self employed also brings its own problems.

Those of you who feel you are stuck - let me tell you a secret.

Doctors have a lots of transferable skills that are suitable for any job even outside medicine.

You could start as a medicolegal consultant and with enough experience and training you can earn a decent living.

If I can do it then so can you.

Happy to help those doctors who want some tips.

Website Link:

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