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CV Summit 2023 via the American College of Cardiology

Latest LinkedIn Post Update By: Ami Bhatt, MD - Chief #Innovation Officer, @AmericanCollegeofCardiology | Harvard Medical School Professor | #MedTechInsights Talk Show Host | President @AmericanHeart Boston | @BIF Speaker | @Harvard Health Author

What a fantastic #CVSummit2023 via the American College of Cardiology. Great chance to discuss #CollaborativeIntelligence - the use of advanced analytics with an understanding that we are responsible for the data it is offered and fair interpretation of the outputs with the intention of together becoming more intelligent.

✅ it can uncover what we don’t see and offer it for assessment; especially with risk prediction and pattern recognition.

✅ doing something complicated is often conflated with intelligence. The computing power is the algorithm’s. The intelligence is ours.

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