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Changing the Narratives in Your Career by Khawla Hammad

Latest International Healthcare News Updates by HNC Healthcare News Channel.

LinkedIn Post Update by: Siddiq Anwar - Physician, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical

We reconvene after summer break to continue our lecture series for our Internal Medicine Residents at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City - SSMC which is focussed on educating them about #medicaltechnology , #innovationinhealthcare and #enterpreneurship in #healthcare

Its a great pleasure to invite Ms Khawla Hammad, CEO of Takalam Online Counseling, a home grown #digitalhealth#startup in #UAE

Title of talk: Changing the narratives in Your Career

Learning Objectives:

1. Gaining a new perspective towards entrepreneurship and risk taking

2. Understating how technology can be utilized as an enabler to solve existing challenges

3. Learning the importance of embracing vulnerability and failure

Date and Time : Aug. 10, 2022 , 2:00 PM-3:30 PM (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat.

Please mark your calendars & join this completely online event .

MS Teams:

#Healthcare will not have the same certainty and traditional route for success . This uncertainty and period of change will unlock huge opportunities to do #transformational things and having #exponentialgrowth .

Last year alone #vcfunding for healthcare #startups was more than 100 billion USD across the world, much more than The National Institutes of Health and Medical Research Council and European Research Council (ERC) combined. To get to be an Principal Investigator in their research grants you need to 50+

But unlike these research councils #venturecapitalists are more likely to back a winner , as after all they will make a #profit if they fund the next BioNTech SE or Moderna

Another reason to invite Ms Khawla to talk to our learners as they are mostly female and #emirati . Though we have a powerful positive role model in Deanne Kashiwagi as our leader, she is #usamade

Hoping Ms Khawla home grown #sucessstory will help inspire these young women to do exceptional things.

These lecture series are designed to train the #workforceofthefuture . The next speaker asked me why I am inviting him to speak to medical trainees as he is not a doctor.

We have a lot of doctors in SSMC, but we need to give them the skill and knowledge for the world Khawla Hammad, Kate Ryder, Ali Parsa etc are designing.

#healthcareindustry is too important to be left alone to organically evolve and as #covidpandemic has shown #healthcareinnovation will largely come from the #industry versus #academia which is tied itself up in bureaucracy and a culture which dosent allow loss of face and failing to succed

Looking forward inviting speakers to these lecture series which aims to light a spark among the next generation and also foster interdisciplanry collabrations in #uaehealthcare

International Society of Nephrology, American Society of Nephrology, European Renal Association (ERA), Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Department of Education And Knowledge - ADEK, Ministry of Health and Prevention - UAE

#healthcareinternational #UAE #healthcarenews #healthcare

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