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Carbon-Z Your Carbon Neutral, Trustworthy and Fast Data Centre.

Secure your data with Carbon-Z

No matter the size, scope, scale and technicalities of your business, Carbon-Z has the technical knowledge and expertise to secure your data.

Carbon-Z offers hosting and colocation solutions in the UK, providing Green, Sustainable and high-performing data centres for both Low- and High-Density computing.

Our hosting and colocation services provide our customers with the control they need over their server platforms without the expense of supporting a dedicated data centre provided by our highly secure data centre in Swindon.

With exponential growth in Data putting pressure on traditional data infrastructure. Power and cooling are a key part of the traditional Data Centres model. The cost of cooling equipment is part of the main challenges that the industry is facing as they are incurring hefty power costs in cooling the equipment, not forgetting the impact of huge energy requirements on the environment.


Carbon Neutral Data Centres in Swindon and Oxford

Carbon-Z is one of the first carbon-neutral data centres serving Oxford, Swindon, and the surrounding area, using new technologies and cooling. We are one of the first UK data centres to offer our clients full immersion technology solutions, so they can run more powerful servers at high density efficiently.


The company was founded and backed in 2020 by a well-established family with multiple businesses and a very large property portfolio. They have put together an experienced team with Data Centre experience with over 50 years of experience in the IT industry.

Continue Development

We aim to continue developing and improving all our carbon-neutral services and products to exploit new and advancing technology and guidance and meet developing policies and legislation demands.

Why Choose Carbon-Z Data Centres

As the United Kingdom and the world move towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, we are responsible for making data centres greener, and more efficient. This will reduce the cost of data storage and ensure that our environment is preserved. Carbon-Z is committed to making this change using liquid immersion and other new cooling solutions that can play a huge role in achieving carbon neutrality and helping businesses in Swindon, Oxford and across the UK leverage on benefits provided by cloud computing and data capabilities.


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Contact Details:

Direct Website:



Unit D, Groundwell Industrial Estate Stephenson Road Swindon SN25 5AX


Tel: 0331 630 0480

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