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BlueSkeye AI - World leaders in behavioural understanding from face & voice technology.

Ethical AI for the analysis of Medically Relevant Expressive Behaviour


The way we can monitor medical conditions is changing

BlueSkeye AI’s mission is to improve wellbeing and patient outcomes by building objective, accessible, scalable, affordable technology for mental health monitoring and putting it in the hands of the public as well as medical professionals.

BlueSkeye AI will create new opportunities in the health and well-being sector and streamline healthcare provision through accurate, objective diagnosis, improved treatment recommendations and longitudinal monitoring of patients across the globe.


What we offer

BlueSkeye AI offers a range of products and services that help our customers to better understand their users, and to enable their users to manage their mood, mental health, and wellbeing. Whether you want to integrate our BlueMax face analysis into your existing software, or want to use or modify our Avocado mental health & wellbeing self-management app, we have the solution that suits your needs.


We create medical-device grade technology that allows our clients to save costs and improve their customer’s health by providing early detection of mental health disorders, in particular depression and anxiety.

Health & Wellbeing

We create innovative technology that allows our clients to provide mood management solutions for their users. This means our clients can look after their user’s mental health and wellbeing more efficiently. End users can take control of their mental health and wellbeing by measuring their mood and stress levels while using our engaging interactive tasks on mobile devices, which improves the user journey and brand satisfaction.

OEM & Software Integration

BlueSkeye AI provides OEM solutions for iOS and Android through an API that gives access to our proprietary face tracking, FACS facial muscle activation detection, and expressive behaviour analysis to selected partners. In particular, we pride ourselves on our super-fast, light-weight algorithms that can be deployed on a wide range of mobile phones.

Our Values

Advanced Technology We leverage state of the art technology to provide novel and innovative solutions.

Affordable and accessible solutions We aim to provide technological solutions that are both affordable and accessible to the end users.

Ethical technology We create technology by including privacy and security by design.

Research for real good We aspire to do research for real good and to have a positive impact on the world.


Working together to create technology of the future

Our team of world-leading Machine Vision Engineers and Mobile Device Programmers have availability to conduct bespoke research and create tailored solutions. We have provided solutions to blue-chip FMCG, robotics, and healthcare companies. We deliver our solutions on time, on budget, and to specification. If you have a particularly hard problem to solve that requires the computer vision analysis of expressive behaviour please get in touch we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Contact Details:


BlueSkeye AI Ltd

The Ingenuity Centre

Triumph Road

Nottingham, NG7 2TU

United Kingdom


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