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Bionabu Medtech Micro-Internships (SPONSOR)

Bionabu Medtech Micro-Internships (SPONSOR)

Get low-risk tasks instant support for your Medtech project!



SPONSORS with Medtech low-risk project tasks that can be completed within 5-40 hours, typically due within a week to a month.

Get low-risk tasks support for your Medtech project!
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Our Micro-Internship program provides short-term, paid or unpaid support for your Medtech projects by providing you with instant access to fully vetted medical and STEM students.

Getting instant access to highly motivated talent has never been easier.


Immediate support:

Access to highly motivated medical and STEM students and recent graduates on demand, year-round

Better outcomes:

Medtech students want to exceed expectations and contribute valuable insights, perspectives, and approaches

Positive impact:

Support your alma mater, increase diversity on your team, and provide career pathways for students or recent graduates

Better full-time hires:

Reduce the risk of wasted training and missed opportunities by mutually confirming fit and interest

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Date and Time Published: 5 January 2023

Location Worldwide

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