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Bionabu B2B MedTech Showcase: Meet Our Speakers

After only a year of focusing on P2P connections, we are proud to announce our expansion into the B2B market! With over a 1000 users, we are confident that Bionabu will revolutionise the way businesses connect and collaborate.

Attention all MedTech companies! Bionabu invites you to join our upcoming B2B MedTech Showcase, Networking, and Heated Debate. This event provides an exclusive opportunity for MedTech companies to explore B2B partnerships, unveil their innovative resources, and gain new insights that can help their businesses grow and thrive.

Join us to meet our headline sponsors, Bean Partners Finance Ltd., and hear from our amazing speakers: d-fine, GOSH, and Healthcare News Channel.

d-fine is a team of data and analytics experts who will present a project where they brought together data from hundreds of sources to manage drug supply chains on a national level.

GOSH, the first blockchain platform that secures the software supply chain and builds consensus around your code, will showcase their web3-based platform, Jocelyn DAO HCN, which promotes unbiased and transparent peer review of scientific studies.

Lastly, HNC Healthcare News Channel, your new AI-powered media platform, will introduce their automated content promotion system that reaches people in 22 countries worldwide in just 72 hours.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn, network, and engage in a heated debate with like-minded professionals in the MedTech industry.

For more information about the B2B MedTech Showcase, Networking, and Heated Debate, please contact

About Bionabu®:

Bionabu® is a combination of the words 'Bio' and 'Nabu', where 'Bio' symbolizes life and 'Nabu' was the Babylonian god of wisdom. This platform brings together life and wisdom in the field of Medtech through its cutting-edge AI & ML education and expert services. Our platform seamlessly connects professionals, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and enabling the creation of innovative healthcare solutions. Join us and network with industry professionals to build a brighter future for healthcare. About BEAN Partners: BEAN Partners delivers the best corporate finance and strategy outcomes for Founders, Corporates and Institutional Investors by combining intelligent insights with real experience and cross border connections. They have over 15 years of experience operating in M&A and capital markets, giving them the reach and the business intelligence capabilities required to originate and execute transactions globally. About GOSH: The Jocelyn DAO is a web3-based platform that aims to improve the scientific research process by using blockchain technology. Its key goal is to promote unbiased and transparent peer review of scientific studies, which is accomplished by returning review rewards to participants and providing an open and efficient ecosystem for the scientific community. About HNC Healthcare News Channel: Meet HNC Healthcare News Channel, your new AI-powered media platform! With just one click, HNC automates content promotion across multiple social media channels, reaching people in 22 countries worldwide in just 72 hours. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual promotion and spend more time creating engaging content that resonates with readers from all corners of the globe. About d-fine: Transforming Raw Data into Valuable Insights for Healthcare. Imagine having a treasure trove of information at your fingertips, but not knowing how to tap into its full potential. That's where d-fine comes in. As experts in data and analytics, d-fine refines raw data and turn it into actionable insights that can support healthcare professionals in making smart decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Bionabu has expanded into the B2B market after a successful year of focusing on P2P connections.

  • Headline Sponsor for the B2B Showcase is Bean Partners Finance Ltd.

  • The 3 speakers at the event will be: d-fine, GOSH and HCN; they will each present innovative project related to data analytics, blockchain technology and healthcare news.

Media Gallery

Why you should attend...

Meet Damian Woodward from Bean Partners

Quotes “ "Bionabu, connecting the dots in medical technology, where innovation meets opportunity." Ina Burgstaller — Founder, CEO and Queen of Bionabu “ "Bionabu, bridging the gap between knowledge and success in medical technology." Martin Heitmann — Manager at d-fine “ "Bionabu, illuminating the path to growth for medical technology companies through showcasing and connections." Oksana Stanevich — Researcher in Public Health, MD, Web3 entrepreneur, DeSci Lead at GOSH, GBA member

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Founder, CEO and Queen of Bionabu View Full Bio>>

Contacts Ishika Kamat Community & Partnership Manager

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