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Artificial Intelligence, B.SC.

Faculty of Computer Science

The Automation of Human Decisions

The fascinating world of AI involves programming computer-controlled machines to independently make decisions and perform tasks usually conducted by humans. As an AI student, you will acquire the expert knowledge required to build AI systems initially in foundation topics such as mathematics, programming, algorithms and data structures,

operating systems, networks and databases. Later on in the course, you will study complex AI such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, Big Data, Deep Learning, autonomous robotics and computational logic.

Customize your degree through individually selected elective courses that allow you to focus on particular subjects, depending on your interest areas in AI and its’ applications.

Benefit from the compulsory internship semester, in which you have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills to challenges in a work environment. Our department closely collaborates with industrial partners to provide you with a possible environment to complete your thesis project in the last semester, providing you with the perfect preparation to launch your degree in AI upon graduation.

Professor Glauner describes the AI programme in a webinar

fact sheet artificial intelligence

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration: 7 semesters (3.5 years) Start: October (winter semester) Location: Deggendorf Taught in:English

#artificialintelligence #AI #machinelearning #computerscience #algorithms #statistics

#computervision #naturallanguageprocessing #deeplearning #bigdata #industry4.0 #autonomousdriving

Course specialities:

  • The 1st and 2nd semester can be completed both on campus in Deggendorf or online from home, so that if your visa is delayed as an international student, you can start your studies without delay

  • If German is not your first language, German level A2 must be proven by the end of the course according to the common European reference framework. Some of the key competency modules can therefore be replaced by language courses if necessary

Admission requirements:

  • General German university entrance qualification, or please check your eligibilty at the DAAD if you own an international qualification

  • English level B2

  • If English is not your native language, proof of sufficient English skills is necessary

  • A successfully completed written, online assessment test covering mathematical, logical topics from the general field of AI. Test duration is 90 mins. Further information: Assessment test.

Prerequisites: Knowledge in STEM subjects is helpful

Application procedure: Read step by step of how to apply

Postgraduate opportunities:

  • Master Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Master Applied Computer Science

  • Master of Applied Research

  • Master Business Informatics

Fees: No tuition fees, only €62 student services fee per semester


  • Information about the programme content:

  • For general enquiries about studying at DIT contact our advice and support team or email

  • Information for freshers

Course Link:

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