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AI-Augmented ECG Interpretation Using Smartphone Technology by Robert Herman.

Linked Post by Robert Herman, MD - Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Care with Artificial Intelligence

Last month, I was invited to participate in a podcast interview at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, recognized as the top-ranked hospital globally.

Tune-in to get an update on the #AI-powered innovation in #ECG processing and interpretation we're working on at Powerful Medical.

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AI-Augmented ECG Interpretation Using Smartphone Technology Guest: Robert Herman, M.D. (@RobertHermanMD) Hosts: Anthony H. Kashou, M.D. (@anthonykashoumd) Joining us today to discuss ECG interpretation using smartphone technology including AI-powered ECG, digitization, existing challenges in automated ECG interpretation, and the future of AI in electrocardiography is Robert Herman, M.D., chief medical officer and co-founder of Powerful Medical. His primary focus is applying AI to improve the diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, and arrhythmias. Tune in to learn more about the AI augmented ECG interpretation using smartphone technology. Specific topics discussed: Why did you develop AI-powered ECG digitization, and how does it work? What are the current challenges of automated ECG interpretation, and how do you tackle them? How did you validate your medical device PMCardio for AI-powered smartphone ECG interpretation? What's next for the AI-powered ECG, and how can we unlock its full potential?

Connect with Mayo Clinic's Cardiovascular Continuing Medical Education online at or on Twitter @MayoClinicCV and @MayoCVservices. Facebook: MayoCVservices LinkedIn: Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Services NEW Cardiovascular Education App: The Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular CME App is an innovative educational platform that features cardiology-focused continuing medical education wherever and whenever you need it. Use this app to access other free content and browse upcoming courses. Download it for free in Apple or Google stores today! No CME credit offered for this episode. Podcast episode transcript found here.

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